The Pre-Departure

Hello all and welcome to my blog! I am from Seattle, WA, and thanks to an AMAZING BP Scholarship, I will be studying abroad in Brazil for an entire year! I am beyond excited for the upcoming experiences that I will encounter, and I’m ready to fully immerse myself in the Brazilian culture.

Farewell glorious Seattle   I will soon have to farewell glorious Seattle!

Recently, I attended a local pre-departure orientation, and was enlightened with all the stages of being an exchange student. What really stuck with me from the orientation was that I must stay out of trouble, because I mean it’s Brazil jafeel.

Currently as thrilled as can be-I’ll be living on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Ya no big deal I’ll just be living in paradise for the next year. I think that will be an interesting change, as I’ve lived in Washington my whole life where it consistently rains 9 months of the year and is pretty cold compared to Rio, where the coldest it gets is 60 degrees Fahrenheit! HOLLA.

Enjoy these pictures of my soon-to-be casa!

More of paradiseSoon to be home!Beautiful Paraty

As the date of my actual departure approaches, I find it more and more difficult to cognitively label what I’m feeling. I guess maybe that’s because I’m feeling all them emotions- sad to be leaving friends and family, excited to experience a new culture, nervous to be in this culture that I really should know more about, anxious to be independent. Poor mind of mine won’t shut down for even a moment to just relax!

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