Accustomization and the Return of the Monster Belly

Currently it has been nearly 2 months since I’ve moved to Brazil and I am certain that this Jessica has undergone some minor changes. First of all, fashion isn’t everything for me here, as now I only take about 8 minutes to get ready in the morning vs. the 45 minutes I would take back in the States, and I wear so much casual clothes oh my god. I do have saudades of dressing up for work and events everyday, but I adore how I don’t always have to be conscious to avoid getting food on myself.

gfdguyfyuf    Typical outfit in the U.S. and typical outfit in Paraty, Brazil.

“This is why Americans are fat.” -Brenda Barros

So recently my louca family and I had an American-styled dinner that I cooked, fully equipped with appetizers, a main course, drinks, and dessert. This 3-coursed part of American life is strange as forks down in Brazil. Until that point I hadn’t truly eaten like an American here in Brazil. This is because Brazilians have their main meal at lunch time, and then have a petite meal at around 8:00 P.M. Ya, que pasa Brazil. I personally think it’s strange how Brazilians think snacks between meals are strange. Back in America people eat whenever they are hungry, no matter what the time of day is. I believe that Planet Earth has blessed the territory of the United States with the peoples’ love of food. I guess this is why the whole world views the majority of Americans as fatties. But hallelujah because I think my papa enjoys this food-crazy culture as now he always has ice cream after each meal. You’re welcome Brazil.

My Crazy Brazilian Family

Well, after my first week with my family I thought “wow they all have so much energy, but I think it will die down sooner or later.” But no. After nearly 2 months of living with my family they never fail to surprise me with how louco they are. I write this with the utmost respect of course. This case of crazy is especially present in my papa, Leleco. He still communicates with me via the phrases “Oh my God!,” “Let’s go!,” and now, “Que pasa!” Also, ever since I introduced him to the American way of having a meal, he’s been eating a booty load of ice cream after every meal. Que loco, mas que maravilhoso.

uyfyufhtfrdhtrfBrazilian Harry Potter? (Papa)

I’ve Found Them

Either they’ve found me or I’ve found them but I have joined a team of activity do-ers. Thanks Earth. Now I run everyday at 6 P.M. with a group of fantastic people, including my philosophy professor. How different eh? Also, I have found that there are actually a buttload of activities to do in Paraty, such as playing volleyball, doing crazy workouts on the beach, turning up a bit at the many festas here.

kjhvgiIMG-20141209-WA0006 IMG-20141209-WA0008

But in the wise words of U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. #Wanderlust



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