So, it has been a while since I last wrote a post. I’ve received mountains of messages along the lines of “Where are you?!’, ‘Why have you stopped blogging?!’, and the ‘Are you dead?!s'” But all is well and I’ll give you all a little run down of what has happened in the past few months.

Well I can’t believe this is true, today marks the 5 months since I’ve landed in this blazin’ land. Não acredito nisso não. Jesus Cristo it sincerely feels like just yesterday was my first day in Brazil. Time flies when you’re having fun, but time friggin goes all space travel speed when you’re having the time of your life. I only have a short 6 months left here, and I can’t believe that I’ll actually have to use my brain in college when I return. Jk, but I know that nothing lasts 5ever.

Untitled The two Gringas of Paraty have passed 5 months here!

São Paulo

I went to São Paulo about a month ago and it went… mais ou menos. Clearly, I was not meant to be a Paulistina because I didn’t really dig São Paulo. The city is gigantic, filled to the brim with Homo Sapiens and just things in general. But in my personal and completely biased opinion, São Paulo lacked energy. This opinion of mine may be so solely because perhaps I am too accustomed to the unwavering light and affectionate energy of everyone and everything in the state of Rio, that all places outside of that magical state pales in comparison. But of course what is great about São Paulo is that it’s Brazil’s main source of productivity. Also, an absolutely fantastic situation occurred-I broke down crying in the middle of the Morumbi Shopping Center and couldn’t stop! I laugh about it now, and all the people who were around me were super chill, and some good words from Brenda were that “This is the best place to cry because São Paulo is huge and you’ll never have to see no one here again!” I really hope that’s true. But all’s well that ends well. Thankfully I was in the presence great people, so this trip actually went mais por mais.

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The Run in Rio

In early December, I was honored to have gone with my gym instructors to compete in the Circuito 2014 run in Rio! Of course it was a blast, as they were amazing company, and we went to so many hotspots in Rio such as Lapa, the Barra da Tijuca, and a Saturday market. I also came in 4th place for my age group in the race, which is an obvious plus. Rio will always have my heart… and my kidneys too if Rio ever has a need of them. Am I a carioca yet?! LOVE RIO.

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Another Run!

I guess that I am always running because a week after the race in Rio, I was invited and participated in the Paraty Mirim race! Holy cannoli it was difficult. SO. This race was 8k, in the mountains, rivers, and sweltering heat of this region’s swelteringly hot climate. But I didn’t die! Yayyy. I also came in third place for my age group #GoJessica.


Ilha Rasa

About 3 weeks ago I went to Ilha Rasa, off the coast of Paraty for my papa’s work party. The whole island was rented out for the families and the workers of the Municipal of Paraty, and it was glorious! I went with my cousin and my papa. It was a beautiful day, but a very ugly situation occurred. A couple of hours into the event, a man well into his late 50’s or early 60’s stopped me to speak with him as I was headed to the bathroom. He told me that he thought I was super beautiful, blah, blah, and that he wanted me to stay with him in his pousada. He then said that he was very rich and could make me very happy. And to forget his gray hairs! CARA DO PAU! I shimmied my way out of that situation as quickly as possible. It disgusts me how SOME men think that they can buy women, and that they even have a right to do so in the first place. Ladies, anyone can do better than living a life that just revolves around money. Use your brain to get what you want, not your body.

But anyways the trip was still fun because I did meet some very interesting and quality people, and was also serenaded by a sweet man.


Natal/ Christmas

Christmas in Brazil went fantastic! Almost every relative was present so I got to meet just about everyone in the family. Loved everyone. Our day was spent eating, talking, joking, and dancing. Very festive I must say.


Family Time

The days leading up to New Year’s Eve were full of spending time with the family. There were concerts in the city center for all of the days leading up to Reveillon, and we went to all of the shows.



This was hands-down, the best New Year’s Eve I have ever been to in this “long” life of mine. We passed Reveillon at Praia do Pontal and I was surrounded by the most quality people on earth, the people’s energy was electric, and the concert was absolutely perfect. Let’s just say a few crazy things happened…
I will never forget this New Year’s celebration-it was for sure a night to remember.

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The days after NYE were very chill, and I think that everyone has finally returned back to their routines. Baha JK it’s Brazil! Everyday is a crazy day.
Até mais amigos.

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