During the end of the school event of “gincana,” one of my professors and I had a memorable chat about a few potent points that she’s had in her life. Turns out that some years ago she was on track to either become an actress or a singer. She studied at a college of the arts in the U.K. and was one of the brightest pupils in her courses. She moved to Brazil to study theatre at one of the best schools of the arts in Brazil, and almost made it big time. She was also in an alternative band that was quickly gaining recognition. But what happened? She fell in love.

She described to me that love is truly crazy, and that it’s impossible to have immunity to it. When you’re in love, you’re blinded by it. I asked how it felt, and she responded something along the lines of it being “the most marvelous feeling in the world that you never seek an end to. You don’t think about anything else but being with that other person, because you think that this other person is all you will ever need in your life. You would do anything for them and everything that you were doing before you met them isn’t important because all you want is to be together. You think that it will all last forever.”

After follows the common reality what happens a few years after you fall in love. Things change. The question of what could have happened if you had done something differently will be one of the more frequent thoughts that come up in your head, along with many others. From love she gained 2 handsome sons and created a family with memories that could not be replaced with anything else. Now my professor has started back up what she was in love with doing many years ago. She plans to get back up on that stage and reform her band, and isn’t so worried about what will happen to her family because she is certain that her boys can take care of themselves, and her husband is completely open to her following her dreams once again. What was beautiful was seeing how she understood that at this moment, she is the most important person in her world, and that she has the utmost right to do what will make her happy. At this point in her life, she isn’t dwelling on anything to regret, because it’s not important anymore what could have happened, and all that matters is what can happen.

It was overall such a lovely and memorable chat that we had, and now I want to hear from you guys. How has love changed your life?

Couple Walking on Beach at Sunset   Omg, love?

Untitled    And as for me, I’m absolutely content with being completely and utterly in love with Brazil at the moment.

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