So, What’s Next?

Alright guys, so here’s what’s going to be happening for me this fall: I’m moving to Southeast Asia for 1 year to do volunteer work and teach English abroad! Before I embarked on my year abroad to Brazil, I was intent on returning straight to University, but obviously things have changed.

Cambodian school children walk across a flooded road in a rainy day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tuesday, 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)City Palace Bangkok

Metro Manila, Philippines - April 01, 2012: Morning traffic on the street in Manila. Metro Manila is the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines with an estimated population of 16,300,000Angkor-Wat_2399296b   The destinations of my upcoming journey

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do intend on finishing my degree, but that’ll just have to wait until next year.

But… why?

Pfff, why not! In my opinion, the pros of this journey to S.E. Asia definitely weigh out the cons. Vamos lá!

1. I will be doing volunteer work to better the lives of the less fortunate; nothing on earth is more rewarding than helping people who need and deserve it.

2. Opening my mind to the conditions of others extremely less fortunate than I am will be a great learning experience, and helps with having appreciation for what is commonly taken for granted.

3. I will truly learn how to fend for myself, as I really will only have myself to rely on.

4. A strong desire within me yearns to become closer to a part of my heritage, which I expect to happen when I go to Cambodia.

5. I will learn. A lot.

6. A majority of scholarship options that I currently have for college will still be valid after I spend this year abroad, so bam, ya girl is still responsible!

My decision to take this year has shocked many people around me, but the reactions I’ve gotten have mainly been positive. A few instances have even occurred where some of the more conservative people in my life have shown support for me. For example, my mother. She was utterly horrified when I broke the news to her that I wouldn’t be attending college this fall because I will instead be going to spend a year teaching and doing volunteer work in Southeast Asia. But after I explained to her my motives, assured her that I haven’t turned into a clueless hippie (which she did think I had turned into), and that I do strongly intend to pursue a higher education did she accept my plans this fall. Now, my mother even says that she is proud of me for embarking on this new journey. Here’s to supporting those you love!

Also, I just booked my ticket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Jessica Chann Booking Flight Ticket!   BAM! Shizzles are getting realzzles!

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  1. Phúc Beo says:

    yeah… Sound great :3.. Whatever you are doing should be toward making a better tomorrow. If you find yourself thinking more of the past than your future perhaps you should seek the help of a member that you can talk to to help to give you the nudge you need to move forward with your beautiful life….If you have a time, you should visit HCM City :3 and Nice to meet you…

  2. WanderGirl says:

    I can’t tell you how things will play out, but taking a gap year to do something as valuable as volunteering and teaching is sure to teach you things that the typical college experience cannot. Kudos!

    1. Jessica Chann says:

      Thanks for your comment, and I hope that you have a fantastic time in Thailand! Keep up the great posts :]

  3. MissLilly says:

    It’s going to be an amazing experience and after all we only live once. I’m sure you’ll grow a lot and it’s an experience you’ll always remember! Aproveita!

    1. Jessica Chann says:

      Thanks for your sweet comment! Loved your posts on your journeys, keep up the great posts :]

  4. Wendy says:

    I really respect you for being so independent and making such a huge decision like this! Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world. ☺

    1. Jessica Chann says:

      Thank you for you comment, and for sharing YOUR fantastic experiences also!


  5. Where will you be teaching?

  6. Good for you! Honestly, take as much time as you can and travel as much as possible! In my opinion, you will grow so much more as a human being by traveling than by going to school. Go now while you don’t have student loans or a mortgage or car payments weighing you down.
    I decided to travel to SE Asia while I was waiting to hear back from the schools I was applying to and had to cut my trip short to return home to save some money for the move. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to school but for me, I now wish I hadn’t even applied. After coming home I realized that what I want to do for the rest of my life is travel. I don’t care about having a college degree because that college degree is going to cost me 3-4 years and $60-100,000! How can any of us get on with our lives with that kind of money holding us back??
    Anyways, sorry for the rant. Maybe money isn’t an issue for you like it is for me, or maybe you truly know what you want to do with yourself and that requires a degree. All I’m saying is, GO NOW! and don’t worry about returning for school. School will always be there. Enjoy life 🙂

    1. Jessica Chann says:

      Hey there Tess! Thank you so much for your comment, and I completely agree with you on how traveling can make us grow so much, and how important it is to do while we are still young. I think it truly sucks how society has set us up to only having significant leisure time for when we are elderly and when we can’t enjoy life in nearly the same way as we can when we are young and able. So that is why I want to experience as much as I possibly can while I don’t have mountains of responsibility, and while I am in the prime of my life!
      Gaining a college education is personally very important to me because my future careers I see myself pursuing are quite technical, so that’s why it has an importance for me specifically, but I of course do not agree or see the importance of just having a degree with little to no purpose of using it for the rest of your life! The tuition fees and also the grand FEE of time just aren’t worth it if you already know what you want to do with your life, and how to do it.
      Well, you’ve stumbled upon the blog of an 18 year old lady who doesn’t get no bank from her parents, so let’s just say that my battle with $ is one that is uphill hahah.

      Here’s to us enjoying life, and being who we want to be! All the happiness in the world for ya Tess!

      All the best,

      1. And to you! You must be a very strong person. I wish I knew what I wanted to do when I was your age. College isn’t right for me but I’m glad it’s right for you! Good luck with everything 🙂

  7. bfromsyd says:

    Sounds amazing! I’ve always traveled a lot, but never did a gap year – good on you!
    Enjoy it, and you’ll come back with great memories and will have grown personally!

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